Custom Internet Solutions

for your next Fundraiser


Our custom internet solutions bring peace of mind to your next event, whether that situation is Point of Sale, Live Streaming, Streaming Services, Competitions, or more!

What makes our Internet Solutions unique?

Secure Internet

We support the latest security standards WPA2 / WPA3.

Multi-Network Aggregation

Multi-network aggregation for failover with configured packages on certain plans.

Block Services

Feel free to block services to limit performance hogging!

Speed Limiting

You have the ability to limit speed on a per guest basis.

Remote Support

Remote support is available to events that have InnovAlda hardware deployed.

Multiple Network Isolation

Can support up to 3 networks with isolation.

Fast Internet

Speeds up to 100mb/s (depending on coverage).

High Capacity

Able to support up to 500+ clients depending on package configuration.

Simple Hardware

Our hardware packages are simple to deploy in the field!

Equipment or Modem Rentals

We have options for renting networking equipment, modem rentals (satellite or cellular options available), or both!

Guest Access

Guest access is the ability to charge for access to the remaining capacity and therefore reduce the bill. You set the cost, with a $1 minimum, and you get 50% credit after Stripe fees. There is no reimbursement once the fee is paid.


Pricing To Be Determined


Additional Networking Capacity
$100starting per day
  • Tailored to your needs including but not limited to:
  • Access Points
  • Stands
  • Cabling