Modern Region Management

Outstanding team experience

Reduce Overhead

Reduce overhead and speed up your partner organization to focus on more important tasks.

Protect PII

Reduce PII exposure by limiting access to only required individuals and leverage Lumieos as a communication proxy.

Built by Partners

We built Lumieos over the past 10 years as former Program Delivery Partners for Central California.  Lumieos is built by partners for partners.

End to End Experience

Teams, Volunteers, Event Hosts, Volunteer Coordinators, and Partners use one application from onboarding to post event activities, never having to go to another application.

Digital Event Day

Reduce paper and setup with a fully digital, cloud-based event day experience.

Simple Pricing

Our pricing is based on estimated team counts in a region and negotiated each summer, paid monthly or quarterly based on partner needs.  No additional fees for number of emails, volunteers, events, or administrative users.

User Workflows

Data Imported from Tableau

Account Invites and Updates

Coaches and Team Admins are invited to create Lumieos Accounts or are notified that their existing accounts are updated and ready to go.

Team Preparation and Updates

Coaches sign in to Lumieos and begin to manage their team.

  1. Using their Action Item list, they are shown required actions they must take to get their team into compliance with region rules.
  2. They can let their team data sync from the national database, or make Lumieos specific changes.
  3. If enabled, teams can also manage profile data that is used by event day volunteers.

Event Preparation

Once teams are registered, teams can:

  • Manage their registration and view event information
  • View agenda and judging/match schedules
  • View scoresheets after each match on event day.

After an Event

Once an event concludes, team can access:

  • Award scripts for any awards received
  • Judging Rubrics and any other post-event files.
  • If event staff marked the team as “Advancing”, then Lumieos will present and guide teams through the next level of registration.
End of Season
Volunteer Accesses their Dashboard or Event Pages

Sign Up for an Event

Volunteers can sign up either on their dashboard for multiple events at once, or directly via the public event page.

Update Profile

Each volunteer has a profile in Lumieos that captures information such as past experience, shirt size, associated teams, dietary restrictions, and more.

Pre-Event Preparation

Lumieos contains a built in training and learning module that provides role based training and certification.  When a volunteer applies, Lumieos will show them all relevant training options for selected roles, and then reduces them once assigned to a specific role.

Event Hosts and Volunteer Coordinators can contact volunteers before and after assignment.

End of Season
Guests access the Home Page or Event Pages

View Event List

All events have a public page that can be accessed without an account.  Lumieos lists all upcoming events on the home page, as well as active events in a banner.

Event Details

The public can see event details including:

  • Location, Date and Time
  • Team information
  • Agenda and Schedules (Match, Judging, etc)
  • Live Match results (if using Digital Event Day)
  • Final Results After Event
  • Volunteer Opportunities
End of Season

Feature List

Event Day

Event Day Kicks Off

Check In

Pit Administration volunteers can use Lumieos to check in both teams and volunteers.

Practice Tables

Pit Admin volunteers can manage robot game practice table use with Lumieos. Also, there is the option for a pre-event sign up for practice table slots.
End of Event Day for Pit Admin

Digital Scoring 

Digital Scoring is available inside of Lumieos. As long as referees have access to tablets and internet, they can access the digital versions of the scoresheets for the Robot Game portion of the challenge. There is even a section for the referees to enter the Gracious Professionalism (GP) score that the team earner for that match, and a section for the referee to fill out why they assigned that specific GP score. This allows the Head Referee and the Judge Advisor for the event to see the explanation in real time.

Paper Scoring

If you chose not to participate in Digital Scoring, you may opt to use paper scoresheets with the referees and submit them to a scorekeeping volunteer to enter into Lumieos.

Arena Display

Arena display is available which can be controlled remotely.

Event Day Kicks Off

Set your Queuing Groups

Lumieos has the ability to set Groups of Robot Game Tables and Judging Rooms to Queue. This is fully customizable for each individual event.

Mark Team Status

Have your queuing staff mark the status of teams as they move around the event. The status a team can be set to are “Not Found”, “On The Way”, and “Checked In”. The status indicators allow the queuing staff to stay in communication together to help your event run smoothly.
End of Event Day for Queuing
Event Day Kicks Off

Award / Script Assignment

Lumieos is capable of assigning specific awards and scripts to teams.

Advancement Assignment

If your event is advancing teams to another level of competition, Lumieos can assign teams for advancement once decided upon by the judging team.

Closing Ceremony Scripts

Lumieos can handle your closing ceremony script single handedly. It creates a Master Closing Ceremonies script from the evergreen award descriptions from FIRST as well as the remarks from the judges that they write once deliberations are finished. Then, for your closing ceremonies, you can either have a digital version of the script to be read from a tablet, or print out the Master Script to be read.
End of Event Day for Judging


Printed or Digital schedules by team or by volunteer role are available in Lumieos.

Score Display

Lumieos has a custom Score Display that can be placed around your event to provide visibility into the Robot Game scores for the event.

Rubric Return

If rubrics from Judging are scanned, they can be uploaded into Lumieos and returned to teams.


If a team wins an award at an event, their script is automatically uploaded to their Event and Results page.

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